13 years old / 85 cities / 42 countries / over 2000 shows


Secret Walls is the original black and white illustration battle and the biggest and best live art party in the world. Since 2006, Secret Walls has taken over the global art community, working with the best local talent to spotlight this generation’s artists like never before. In hosting live art events, Secret Walls has embodied the culture of street art and evolved into a thrilling expression of contemporary art that brings people together in cities around the world, celebrates diversity and supports local artists.

Secret Walls began in a small bar in Shoreditch, East London as a way to unite artists and allow them access to greater opportunity, creating a vast network to spread live battles around the world. The brand chose a black and white palette as a way to showcase art in a uniform format, inspired by comics, illustration and monochrome graffiti. During a battle, artists are given 90 minutes to paint against each other with only black paint, no pencils, stencils or references allowed.  

Secret Walls has hosted over 2,000 shows worldwide, many in their LA warehouse and art yard at Start Los Angeles, and has become a force in other major cities including New York, Toronto, Hong Kong, Berlin, Tokyo, Copenhagen, Shanghai, Amsterdam and more, attracting exciting brands including Apple, Adidas, MLS, 47 and Tecate for collaborations.

The simplicity of black and white mixed with the 90 minute competition time constraint has proven a concept that energizes and excites audiences and helps to merge live art with popular culture. Secret Walls continues to grow and conquer new cities, exploding as a lifestyle and cultural movement to paint the world black and white.