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The Secret Walls formula continually grows with the addition of School Walls in 2009 and #BlackBookBattles in 2014. These are SW enthused platforms, both seeking to encourage artists to be spontaneously creative and collaborate with others.

#BlackBookBattles is a simple doodle and drink event hosted by an experienced SW artist. Hosted over a few hours, we encourage freestyle collaboration through the format of short sketchbook battles.

School Walls follows the same rules as its parent competition, yet aims to nurture the talents of school students and guide them into fruition as artists. Members of the Secret Walls team initiate the school day by giving their pupils an understanding of their tools and teamwork, followed by talks concerning their artistic careers and lifestyles. Students are encouraged to illustrate and are informed about the negative impact of graffiti and vandalism. Here they see that Secret Walls competitions extract the same elements and thrills that wall-taggers or train-bombers seek---but placed instead in a spectated, legal space.

School Walls pupils are mentored in workshops as they sketch ideas that will be permitted onstage for reference, making the large blank canvases less daunting. Students are given the inspiration and confidence that will follow them onto the battle stage before their peers.

Winners may someday join those on a global stage of Secret Walls and be invited to join the experts of Terry Guy’s ever-growing creative team.